Hacking attacks getting scary

Hackers ground 1400 passengers at Warsaw Airport …………. Thank goodness they are “grounded” ………….




These attacks are being reported more and more often, with the final line of the reports pretty much the same as the last line on the BBC Website report below. #CyberSecurity is a hot topic and it’s often what you don’t know that poses the most serious risk. You know that you’ve set a secure password, you’ve set-up your two-stage authentication for your key social media accounts and so on. The thing is you’ve no idea what steps are in place protecting the vital services around us, the energy companies, the banks and now the airlines all seem to be coming under attack. The #Polish spokesperson reports that #LOT had the latest state of the art computers in place and even with that they are hacked. Having state of the art computers in place is no real defence against hacking, I have to say, however, I’m sure that along with the computers LOT employ security measures appropriate for their industry. The greatest unknown is what the guardians of our data are doing to protect us, it seems, yet again, not enough and this time it could have been 1400 lives lost, just how poor does security have to get before it’s taken really seriously and sufficient resource is assigned to it ? Here’s some text from the web and a link to the BBC Website, although detail is limited – wonder why …..


A recent hacking attack on Sunday 21st June left 1400 passengers stuck on the ground at Warsaw’s Chopin airport.

The computer system was #hacked in the afternoon and fixed after around five hours, during which 10 of the state-owned carrier’s national and international flights were cancelled and about a dozen more delayed, spokesman Adrian Kubicki said.

LOT was taking care of the passengers on Sunday evening and some were already able to board flights. LOT said it was providing hotels for those who needed to stay overnight.

At no point was the safety of ongoing flights compromised, Kubicki said, and flights destined for Warsaw were able to land safely. No other airports were affected, he added.

“We’re using state-of-the-art computer systems, so this could potentially be a threat to others in the industry,” Kubicki said. The attack in now being investigated by the authorities.

The BBC Site reported:

Flights to Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Copenhagen and Polish cities were affected, although LOT stressed that the glitch did not affect the airport or aeroplanes that were already in the air.

“We’re using state-of-the-art computer systems, so this could potentially be a threat to others in the industry,” said LOT spokesman Adrian Kubicki.

The source of the hack is not yet known.