RBS no one heard of rainy day plans ?


Rainy day, contingency, does no one plan for something going wrong any more.

Of course it’s not acceptable what has happened with RBS YET AGAIN , but does no one think of making plans for when things go wrong any more ? Surely even single mums and busy hard up families have times when they have some extra to hand. Fix the roof when the sun shines, is that not the old story ? So how come folks have no contingency available any more, no stock of tins, no dry stores, no little stash of cash – just in case ?  Just in case #RBS crashes again, just in case #Lloyds systems fail, just in case, #Barclays gets hacked, just in case #Clydesdale gets sold and you hate the new owner ??

AND yet again is this not more over the top media reporting, completely unbalanced as ever?