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Apple EarBuds – A LOT of Cool Features You might be missing

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Apple’s EarBuds have quite a few nifty tricks up their sleeve. If you’ve got an iPhone 6, 5s or 5c, check them out!

Smartphones have come pre-packed with headphones and earbuds for a while now. There was a time when every HTC handset came with a pair of Beats earbuds, which were actually pretty good compared to the heavily-branded cans you see everywhere, but we digress. For the most part, bundled-in headphones have been a fairly rudimentary offering, many audio-savvy consumers will have no doubt got used to immediately chucking them in a drawer as spares and forgetting about them, while instead using their own carefully selected set of preferred headphones. The rest will perhaps not care too much about headphone quality, and will just be using whatever comes to hand.

This is all fair enough, but when it comes to ignoring the shiny white Apple Earpods found in the iPhone box there are some very good reasons you might want to give them a go anyway.

Apple’s dinky little EarPods do, in fact, have a neat set of hidden features many people don’t know about – features which are cool enough to make using them as your primary earphones worth it. With this in mind we’ve compiled a list of the 13 hidden features Apple’s packed into its EarPods that will make you think they’re the best earphones you’ve ever owned.

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Right then, let’s have a look at these earbuds shall we?

via Apple EarBuds Have A LOT of Cool Features You Might Not Know About | Know Your Mobile.

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