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#GE2015 UK fears outcome of the General Election might mean change!!

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Not sure I get it. Not many months ago there was widespread fear that Scotland would separate from the rest of the UK. UK Leaders came to Scotland and lectured how the country is better together, stronger together has more world influence together and so on…. you get the picture. Now only a few months later, there is again widespread fear and this time the fear is that 5 million British Citizens might vote, but not the way they should. Not for the traditional blue or red. According to commentators and pundits, Scotland might vote for an alternative option and fear is being peddled that this could be a catastrophe. So what’s next for the UK – pure dictatorship, do as we say, vote as we say, dress as we say, cut your hair as we say. By the way who are “they”. The  last time I checked we’re in a democracy and democracy is well and truly in action. 

The outcome next Friday could paint a completely new political landscape for the United Kingdom, let’s embrace it, let’s get used to it and open our minds to progressive cooperative government with a touch of green, a twist of plaid cymru, a pinch of ukip, a shake of DUP and yes even a sprinkling of SNP but no doubt the core ingredient will be either Cons or Lab and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just this time around the flavour might be more  palletable and the cake a bit more wholesome if more ingredients are added into the mix.

You can almost taste the fear and panic that a result of a minority outcome next week the two main players might just have to include some minority players into their cosy little club, and worse, the outcome might just have to be proper proportial representation in British Government. We will witness historic change next Thursday whatever the outcome.

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