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If there is one thing we know about Windows 10, it is that the Start menu will not be missing this time. Microsoft, which reveals more details about the latest iteration of its operating system later today, needs to get at least that right after the miscalculation of Windows 8.

The new operating system, the first under new boss Satya Nadella, replaces the unpopular Windows 8, an operating system that was arguably ahead of its time. Replacing the Start menu with the Start screen, big interactive tiles, slide-out menus and full-screen apps all made Windows 8 great on a touchscreen device, but frustrating at best on a desktop or laptop with a keyboard and mouse.

An update, Windows 8.1, revived the Start button, but did little to convince users to upgrade, resulting in poor sales of the now two and a half year old operating system. Windows 7 accounts for 56% of the desktop computer market, according to Netmarketshare data, leaving Windows 8 and 8.1 languishing on just 15%. Even the now 14-year-old Windows XP is still running on 18% of desktops despite no longer being supported by Microsoft.

Window 10 doesn’t have to beat Windows 8 – it has to entice consumers and business users to upgrade from Windows 7 given that the days of routine upgrades are long gone.

via What Microsoft must get right with Windows 10 | Technology | The Guardian.


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