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Detroit Motor Show: To go big or to go green?

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The US car industry is booming once more, and here in #Detroit, the gloom – and then brittle optimism – that once permeated North America’s biggest car show has faded into a more relaxed confidence.

Sales at the so-called Detroit big three – that’s Ford, General Motors and Chrysler (now owned by the Italian firm Fi

at) – have rebounded as the US economy has recovered, and 2015 looks to be even better.

“There is an exuberance back in the industry – happy days are here again,” says industry analyst Michelle Krebs, director of automotive relations at the #AutoTrader Group.

But with opportunity has once more come, if not hubris, than at least the possibility of it.

Plunging oil prices have made US car buyers flock once more to large trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) – and away from the hybrid and electrical vehicles that car makers from General Motors to Toyota have peddled in recent years as economical alternatives.

via BBC News – Detroit Motor Show: To go big or to go green?.

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