Mercedes G-Code concept revealed

Merc G-Code

Meet the new supermini-SUV concept car from Mercedes, called the G-CodeMercedes has jumped on the supermini-SUV bandwagon with a new pint-sized concept called the G-Code. As reported by our sister site Auto Bild, it’s roughly a match in size for the Nissan Juke and Audi’s forthcoming Q1 and it’s said to give a strong indication of how the brand’s future SUVs will look.“The G-Code is both beautiful and intelligent, and interprets our typical Mercedes Coupe design idiom,” said styling chief Gordon Wagener. Officially just a design study at this stage, it also features a number of wild pieces of tech that could appear on Merc’s SUVs in the next decade. The trademark two-blade grille dominates the front end – although it’s not a grille at all.In fact, it’s a fancy digital display that changes colour according to how the car is driven – pulsating blue at rest, switching to blue moving stars when in motion and fast-moving red stars if the driver selects “Hybrid Sport” mode.

via Mercedes G-Code concept revealed | Auto Express.