Not in my name ! #NoToWar




David Cameron is building a case for the UK to go to war in the middle east. Is there no alternative ? A less active role, more intelligence support, material support? Why does the UK have to get hot and active again in this region? Lets say #NoToWar

How many defeats does it take to understand that this area of the world will never be defeated by western military powers, certainly never by air power alone  – and what “intelligent” defence strategy announces to the potential enemy what we will NOT do without authority from MP’s – that would be the same nation being led by a man incapable of integrity, and discretion in matters of the state !

Is it not time to recognise that the UK is an island nation. Building up defences at home, increase naval power to defend the island, increase intelligence at home inside the island. Maintain a nuclear capability for ultimate defence (it need not be submarine based). Perhaps UK Governments could also grow some back bone and instead of spending £1.3M trying to deport radicals who pose a known threat to the island, deport them if they are identified as what is essentially a “traitor” to the nation. The UK has become a “soft” target for radicals. In the interests of the rights (human or otherwise) of the minority, while at the same time, ignoring and putting at risk the majority of law abiding multi-cultural citizens of our country, successive governments have been guilty of dereliction of their primary duty – to protect the citizens of the United Kingdom.

Iraq is surrounded by some of the most powerful military powers in the middle east, this is a regional issue to be resolved by regional powers alone. Coalition powers will be sucked into another war lasting years, costing hundreds of lives while the surrounding military powers sit back and watch.