Project Fear continues under BBC


The BBC continue to peddle project fear propaganda littering it throughout it’s programs during the #indyref campaign.

The last few days of The #JeremyVine  have been biased beyond belief and today introducing companies who sound like they would be fearful of getting up in the morning!

Day in day out people and businesses deal with the markets going up and down, currency rates changing on an hourly basis, companies going bust, inter continental trading, dealing in multi-currencies as a matter of routine, company restructures and relocation, local disasters, world events  and this all has a degree of “uncertainty” attached for the day to day trading life of companies. These companies represented today on the radio program want certainty over currency, banks, borders, armed forces, europe, suppliers, customers, roads, transport – come on – in our world today there are still no certainties other than death and taxes !!!



Alistair Darling campaigning in Edinburgh


But after September 18th rational grown up negotiations will begin or we will continue as we are and deal with day to day uncertainty as a matter of routine !