Convert to Apple ?

Apple launches the new #iWatch and yet another incarnation of the iPhone  the iPhone6 . The run up in the media was in overdrive speculating on the concept, the designs, the size. Apple may or may not have been working on some of these concepts and could have potentially launched this ->

Nike concept widely published
Nike concept widely published

OR this ->


Instead, they launched this ->


Looking more closely at the Apple website for the iWatch the watch certainly looks the part and images published for the launch don’t do it justice, you need to watch the launch event to really appreciate the rationale behind this #wearable device.

The iPhone6 is to be “bigger and better” – but with a choice of two you don’t have to just be “bigger” . There is a choice of 4.7″ or 5.5″. The current Samsung S3, 4 & 5 is 5.5″ and just about right in terms of size for me. Is the launch of the new iPhone6 and iWatch with the Apple Pay features a potential game changer for #Samsung and #Android fans to shift to the Apple world. The Telegraph review Apply Pay here.


For #wearable fans there are already two other offerings in the market soon to be launched. The  Motorola Moto360 and it certainly looks like a watch ->


LG have also offered a device that looks much more like a watch The LG-R watch, although finding a commercial website with any detail is impossible, so just and image of what it look like is available ->

LG+G+Watch+R+1For  watch lovers, this would be the absolute ideal and depending on the specifications would surely attract most people. Details are not easy to come by and possibly LG have been waiting for the iWatch launch before setting out their own stall. There is this piece in the Daily Mail indicating an imminent launch – October 2014.