Jaguar XE tech secrets revealed

The lightweight Jaguar XE is set to be a class leader, with its clever chassis revealed todayJaguar has revealed a few more details about its BMW 3 Series-rivalling XE, including its 8 September unveil, which will take place in London.Mike Cross, Jaguar chief engineer of vehicle integrity, also says that the Jaguar XE “dynamically outperforms its rivals”. Jaguar claims that’s partly down to the XE’s lightweight aluminium construction, but also the car’s advanced chassis.It uses Integral Link rear suspension, which is unique in the premium compact executive class – even though it’s used on Ford’s forthcoming Mondeo. It helps limit the severity of big bumps and holes in the road, reduces vibration after hitting a bump and also cuts road noise.On top of all those benefits, Jaguar says it still delivers sharp responses. With parts hollow-cast in aluminium, the suspension follows the same lightweight ethos as the rest of the car.Meanwhile, the front suspension is based on that used in the F-Type, which Jag says delivers “XFR levels of stiffness”. Connected up with the latest electric power-steering, the XE promises “class-leading steering feel”. The new system also allows for active safety kit such as self-parking and active lane-keeping.In addition, Jaguar has developed what it calls All Surface Progress Control. At the touch of a button, this allows drivers to let the car take over and pull away on low-grip surfaces such as ice without having to touch the pedals. It’s described as “low speed cruise control”, and promises to solve the problem of a rear-drive car getting stuck in snow.

via Jaguar XE tech secrets revealed | Auto Express.