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Scottish Independence – Will Spin Kill it ?

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Alerted today to this story in The Telegraph ->

Salmond The telegraph
Alex Salmond – The Telegraph  article 11th June 2016 – spin kills a nation ?

How naive and stupid I’ve been to think that for once, our political representatives in Scotland, might be above the spin, above the mud slinging nastiness of national politics experienced in the recent past.

To have thought that we could run a clean campaign, an honest open non-personal campaign, about a decision so serious and so rare, that as a nation we have NEVER ever been asked before, has clearly been a complete mistake and misjudgment on my part.

I’m saddened that Scotland will most likely not now see a clean and completely honest campaign.

The worst of it is that I’m sad that such an historic moment in Scotland will be spoiled by the diseased politics we’ve put up with for hundreds of years and looks set to continue for hundreds more.

Does today mark the day that SPIN Killed a nation ?

Alex Salmond orders an apology – Too late – spin like this has killed my enthusiasm stone dead. Well done the spin doctors.

BBC Apology from Salmond
BBC – Apology demand by Alex Salmond from Spin Doctor – will this kill a YES vote ?



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