BBC News – Detroit motor show: What next for the Big Three US carmakers?

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With the spectre of government bailouts behind them, the big three US carmakers – General Motors, Ford and Chrysler – are looking ahead to whats next in Detroit at this years annual car show, which gets under way on Monday.The feeling of a renewal – and change – is palpable here in Detroit.When I picked up my rental car – a Ford this time, having learned last year that one does not show up to the signature US car show in a foreign model – the man driving my shuttle let out a low whistle of appreciation.\”Ive never bought a Ford before, but now Im considering,\” he told me, after glancing at my spiffy new Ford Fusion.This year promises to be one of transition for the big three, with Mary Barra taking over from Dan Akerson as the head of GM, while Ford boss Alan Mulally is set to depart at the end of this year.In 2013, Chrysler avoided a public stock offering and in the past fortnight came under the complete ownership of Italian carmaker Fiat, finally giving boss Sergio Marchionne the chance to integrate the two firms, which badly need each other.All of these developments are seen as good omens for the resurgence of the US car industry in 2014.

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