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I searched out this block/hide since facebook is virtually impossible to contact to do anything about the completely useless sidebar advertising they run. If we are unable to control what is advertised to us simply because the service is free, then make it payable and we can then control what advertising gets served up. At the moment you get the most inappropriate adverts on your side bar and have no rights to remove them.

This hack works for my surface computer.

There are other apps out there for the same thing with other browsers :-



Facebook is one of the most visited sites in the world, so having the ability to hide ads on the site is pretty convenient. This trick has only been tested on the Microsoft Surface using Internet Explorer 10. Here is how you can achieve an ad-free Facebook experience.Eliminating Facebook Ads in IE10 on the SurfaceXDA forums member C-Lang created this mini-hack in his quest to rid the world of annoying ads. First, you need to download a zipped file available in the link below .Once you have the file downloaded and extracted, open Internet Explorer 10. Go to Internet Options -> General -> Accessibility and check Format documents using my style sheet.You will be asked to locate the style sheet, so go to Browse and find the css you extracted from the zipped file, then select that as your style sheet. Click on OK and there you have it.Another XDA forum member, GoodDayToDie, did note that the Facebook ads are merely hidden—they still load and can still track your actions. So, this is more of a visual appeasement. For more intensive ad removal on Windows 8, you will still want to download an ad-blocker or anti-tracking tool. Unfortunately, these cannot yet be installed on the Surface due to Windows RTs desktop app restrictions

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