BBC News – Edinburgh trams: first Princes Street night test complete

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One of Edinburgh’s new trams has completed the first test run along the city’s most famous shopping street.

Tram 264 made the journey on Princes Street late on Wednesday night, flanked by teams of engineers.

It travelled from the tram depot at Gogar on Edinburgh’s western outskirts to York Place in the city’s east end.

The tram crew and engineers completed the necessary track tests ahead of schedule, returning to the depot in the early hours of the morning.

It was the first time since 1956 that a tram has run on Princes Street. Council bosses said it was another indication that they were back in control of the troubled project.

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David Miller

BBC Scotland transport correspondent

Diehard tram enthusiasts braved the wind and rain to see Tram 264 make a little piece of Edinburgh transport history.

They were joined by passers-by who left pubs and fast food restaurants to watch as the 45m long tram moved slowly, and almost silently, along Princes Street.

Smart phones were held aloft and pictures of the tram passing Edinburgh Castle were soon being shared on social media.

The tram was flanked by an honour guard of engineers in orange hi-vis jackets, who checked the rails and the distance between the vehicle and the platform edge at the new tram stops.

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