Toyota’s new platform to make its debut on 2015 Prius – Telegraph

The world’s biggest car maker, Toyota,

has unveiled its new platform strategy, which will underpin all its cars

starting with the next-generation Prius in 2015.

Introduced by Mitsuhisa Kato, member of the Toyota board, as a way of “making

ever better cars,” the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) is a response

to the wave of safety recalls which have engulfed the company’s vehicles in

the last decade, as well as increasing competition from Japanese rival Honda

and stiff competition from Ford and GM in the US.

The new common-platform strategy is similar to that used by Volkswagen,

Renault’s Dacia brand, Volvo and most other of the largest car makers.

Toyota’s is based around a common ‘hip-point’ driver-seating position, which

allows a similar set of body pressings around the footwell and bulkhead

across models. In short this means that similarly sized cars such as the

C-segment Corolla, Prius and Auris will share development paths and

under-the-skin designs and componentry.

Kato says this will save up to 30 per cent on development times and costs

(although he says mechanical systems that result will also have longer

production lives), as well as reducing%

via Toyota’s new platform to make its debut on 2015 Prius – Telegraph.