BBC News – SSE to raise gas and electricity prices by 8.2%

Sorry we have to do this, believe that if you will ……..

SSE customers will see an average 8.2% rise in gas and electricity prices from 15 November, the company has announced.

SSE said the increase reflected the higher costs of buying wholesale energy and paying to deliver it to customers\’ homes, plus government levies.

The announcement comes about a year after the last set of gas and electricity price rises.

Between October and December 2012, the \”big six\” energy companies outlined price rises of between 6% and 10.8%.

At that time, the companies blamed rising wholesale prices, the cost of transporting energy to homes, and the increasing cost of government social schemes for the increases.

SSE last increased its prices a year ago.

Volatile margins

\”We\’re sorry we have to do this,\” said SSE\’s Will Morris.

\”We\’ve done as much as we could to keep prices down, but the reality is that buying wholesale energy in global markets, delivering it to customers\’ homes, and government-imposed levies collected through bills – endorsed by all the major parties – all cost more than they did last year.\”

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