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Death by incompatibility: A Samsung Galaxy Gear review | Ars Technica

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When a new article is posted on the Internet, the first addition to the comments section is often an inconsequential, one-word statement: \”First!\”

The frequent \”First!\” cry of the Internet troll declares some strange pride in being the first to comment on an article. The commenter put little to no effort into the post; it added nothing to the conversation, and it was completely devoid of substance. The troll did secure the spot at the top of the thread, though, and every additional commenter will be forced to scroll past the pointless contribution.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear says \”First!\” in hardware form. Samsung has beaten Google and Apple as the first major manufacturer to market, but much like the Internet commenter, it has sacrificed substance for the sake of timing. The Galaxy Gear is a product (with some impressive internals, no less) that has such limited use and such crippling compatibility requirements that it is currently the equivalent of hardware spam. While the Gear won\’t even come close to serving the needs of the vast majority of people, we\’re going to be talking about smartwatches a lot in the coming months, so if nothing else, the Gear provides a great starting point.

via Death by incompatibility: A Samsung Galaxy Gear review | Ars Technica.

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