The Beano is 75 – DC Thomson

The Beano comic has entertained children of all ages since 30th July 1938. 75 years on, it’s STILL jumping with jokes, loaded with laughs and packed with pranks!

In 2013 our unforgettable characters remain as popular as ever. Dennis STILL menaces, Minnie STILL minxes and Roger STILL dodges. That’s why everyone we know STILL loves The Beano.

The Beano is a humour-based weekly strip comic aimed primarily at boys aged seven-11 (although nearly a third of our readers comprise the coolest girls in this age group!). Our readers are cheeky, mischievous, energetic and fun-loving; a lot like Dennis the Menace, The Beano’s signature character, The Beano exhibits the same characteristics!

Our readers love playing outside with their friends, reading, drawing, watching TV and DVDs, playing videogames and attending a range of activities and clubs. They have vivid imaginations and enjoy things that make them laugh – especially their favourite comic!

Despite all this mischief, we retain a high level of parent and guardian approval due to our low price and the supported reading experience comic strips can provide. This is particularly relevant amongst boys, who can be reluctant readers. Dennis and friends have been teaching children that reading can be fun for over 70 years and long may this positive mission continue!

The Beano guarantees funny reading for anyone looking to enjoy a great laugh. We achieve this through%

via DC Thomson/The Beano.