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Smart nappy uses QR codes to detect urinary infections

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A husband-and-wife team in the US has invented a nappy that can detect if a baby is developing urinary problems.

The “smart nappy” uses strips in its absorbent area that change colour, around a patterned quick response (QR) code.

A mobile app then takes a photo to analyse whether the panels show colours indicating an infection.

The couple needs to raise $225,000 (£150,000) and federal approval before going into full production.

Urinary tract infections (UTI’s) affect about 8% of babies, especially girls.

The infections can be hard to detect before they have fully developed and symptoms such as fever and increased irritability show up.

The smart nappy acts as a kind of early warning health system, alerting parents to a potential infection before it becomes a real problem.

Different coloured squares measure interaction with the urine’s components, including water content, protein and bacteria.

Parents would be expected to scan a smart nappy in once a day to provide a build-up of data in the iOS or Android app, which could also be shared with medical professionals to diagnose possible kidney dysfunction or dehydration.

via BBC News – Smart nappy uses QR codes to detect urinary infections.

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