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Today and over the weekend, we learn that two thirds of our MP’s don’t feel they are paid enough. Today we learn that parliament will be powerless to decline a rather large pay rise, recommended through the independent group MP”s set up to look at parliamentarians pay and conditions.

According to an analysis in the press, our MP’s do indeed look low down the scale. A perfectly natural thing for employees to do is check how their salary compares with their peer groups in the industry. The chart below does appear to indicate that we are behind the curve in the UK.

Assuming the pay rise goes ahead, never again could an MP utter the words ‘we’re all in this together’. What is clear to the normal constituent who goes out to vote is that power is all lost, these seemingly unjust decisions will continue unchallenged and there is little you or I can do about it.

Value for your money ?

In any other area of life we demand high standards, we don’t accept shoddy goods, we return faulty items, we write long letters of complaint when our holiday is not up to scratch. The only answer for getting the best value for money is to completely engage with the political process and demand action for your cause, your complaint, your opinion. Go online scrutinise expenses, communicate directly with your MP, get your view recorded, go to surgery and speak directly to your MP. This is the only way, and if enough people actively engage then we can justifiably ‘complain’ about what is not just, if engagement does not happen then it is pointless complaining.

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