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The Surface from Microsoft, launched October 2012, was pre ordered and eagerly awaited. Why did I pre-order ? – -Why a Microsoft tablet? – clearly Apple has the market not only through branding but in quality and reliability. The problem of course with Apple is the interoperability with the other market leader in applications, Microsoft. Microsoft have almost standardised use of #Office software to create documents, reading, accessing, sharing or editing those documents on anything produced by Apple has, until recently been almost impossible, and even now is expensive , as everything Apple produces is !

Microsoft develops a tablet, I run Microsoft software for just about everything so it seemed to make sense to try the #Surface and compare it against the Apple iPad.

I had never used an Apple product of any kind until one of our household decided to be radical and get one. After some frustrating hours of searching the web for solutions, readers and apps I could access the network, retrieve files and manage them, all be it a “long way round”. Eventually I worked around the poor email app and setup shared calendars etc. The apple product is, as everyone will tell you, technically superbly built and operationally it is superior in every way to it’s rivals. It has taken me a little time to finally acknowledge this to myself, being a Microsoft baby, youth and adult, so to speak.

Delivery day for the Microsoft #surface approached, confident emails prior to this confirming delivery date and time. Disaster – Microsoft cannot deliver the product that I had pre-ordered months before, they decide, mistakenly, to service their US market and UK stores first, dumping possibly their most loyal supporters on day 1 and making them wait for their product while Joe Bloggs next door waltzes into the store and just picks one up ahead of the band of supporters who pre-ordered. A brilliant marketing stroke, how to alienate your customer in one move !

I’ve been using the surface for 7 months now. Do I love it, sort of, does it do the job, kind of, is it a quality item yes. However, in typical Microsoft style they are slowly killing the surface with updates that seem to break things. Take the wake up from sleep without the keyboard, my surface will not wake up 90% of the time unless I hit the power button. The behavior prior to update No 300 (or seems like that) was as soon as I touched the screen, tapped the windows home button it started up, not any longer !

The trouble with all these tablet devices is the are not quite the complete link. The link to all your email accounts in one place, the link to your stored files on your network storage, the link to other tablets in your household. The corporate giant culture will just never allow it. We will continue to work in isolation on our tablet devices until the corporates chill out and open up the connectivity and interoperability between devices.

I’m told the #Google #Nexus is worth a try and is more integrated. Perhaps that will be my next one.

In the meantime, Microsoft stop killing off my surface with updates  !!!

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