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Earlier this week, PBS posted a 7-minute documentary on its PBS Off Book YouTube channel, quickly exploring “The Rise of Webcomics” using the voices of several notable authors and webcomics promoters: Christina Xu of Breadpig, Nick Gurewitch of Perry Bible Fellowship, Sam Brown of Exploding Dog, Lucy Knisley of Stop Paying Attention, and Andrew Hussie of Homestuck. The five talk about what draws them to their subjects and why they think the webcomic is a superior medium.

www.dandy.com, a new online UK Comic from DC Thomson also launched this year.

“I think webcomics are interesting because they have kind of a lot of different lineages.” Christina Xu says in the video, “There’s the standard Marvel DC comic books, there’s the newspaper comic strips, and then there’s also the zine, and I think for me, webcomics are interesting ’cause they combine all three and they make it available to such a wide audience.”

We here at Ars have known about the beauty and versatility of webcomics for ages, as reflected in our recent staff list of the most incredible webcomics, and in our reader-picks follow-up story. Wikipedia’s list of notable webcomics even goes back to 1985. Still, the genre hasn’t had mainstream appeal until recently (XKCD and The Oatmeal seem to be two of the most well-known, but not necessarily always the best-loved, comics). Whether t

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