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Windows “Blue” screenshots leak, but it’s still a complete unknown | Ars Technica

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The next version of Windows is apparently codenamed “Blue,” and current rumors are that it will be released some time this year. If it pans out, this would mark the end of Microsoft’s three-year upgrade cycle.The first alleged leaks of “Blue” have started to hit the Internet. As is common for early leaks, they’re not giving a great deal away. Such leaks tend to fixate on version numbers, and such is the case with the “Blue” leaks.We do have a couple of tiny morsels of information, however. First, a screenshot from Russian site Microsoft Portal contains both a build number—9319—and a version number—6.3. If accurate, this means Microsoft is sticking with its policy of keeping the major version at 6, using only the minor version to distinguish between releases. 6.0 was Windows Vista, 6.1 was Windows 7, Windows 8 is 6.2, and so Windows “Blue” is logically enough version 6.3.

via Windows “Blue” screenshots leak, but it’s still a complete unknown | Ars Technica.

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