Horse Sh*t – are we being fed it ?

_65777073_findusbeeflasagneImages of Westminster ministers feeding their kids burgers are running around my mind as I read the pleading paragraphs in the press today. Don’t stop buying the processed foods Mr & Mrs Joe public they scream. Don’t worry about the food chain it’s safe in our hands, we will get to the bottom of this ‘honest’. This minister tells us he would eat affected products because ‘they pose no threat to human health’. How exactly does he know that? Where do his interests really lie, with the corporation he may or may not be in cahoots with, who may or may not be paying the appropriate , and moral amount of taxes to his government? Would you trust this government any more than the meat processors who seem unable to identify and verify that the meat they are mincing down is horse, cow, sheep, lamb or dog for all we know.

Where has this all started? Is this the ‘corporation’ effect where the corporations behind the big food producers are becoming so powerful in our world that they can basically do what they want with impunity? Did this begin with the banking scandal? Can we really call the banking crisis a scandal. Is the result of a scandal not normally imprisonment? There is no one in prison for the banking scandal that every man woman and child on this planet is now paying for. Will we really track down and imprison anyone at all for this food scandal ?

The positives to come from this scandal will surely be the resurgence of our local butchers. In our local butchers we can see exactly where the meat has come from and verify with our own eyes that it is so.

The negatives are just massive. Complete and utter undermining of the food supply chain, not just in this country but world wide. People country wide will now be questioning the heritage of our very basic foods, processed or not. Milk supply for example, much of it comes from abroad. What are the checks and balances in operation? Processed foods, well you might as well write them off as we have absolutely no hope if working out where the ingredients come from, how safe they are or how toxic they are. Have you tried to decipher a food label lately.

Where does this all stop? First the politicians busy stealing from our wallets in an expenses scandal. The bankers busy stealing from our pension schemes and our bank accounts. The giant corporations stealing from the country reserves by not paying their taxes like you and I have to , or we literally get hounded to the cheque book, forced to pay the very last penny to HMRC or face a fine.  The giant food processors now concealing their ingredients so they can make massive profits at our expense while telling us all  – – -this is 100% Aberdeen Angus, honest guv!

Is Great Britain at risk of becoming a nation riddled with corruption, mistrust and moral codes that sit in the sewers – or are we already there ? UK Government of whatever persuasion -Wake up smell the coffee and now the horse shit !