Trojan-horse therapy completely eliminates cancer in mice

An experimental “Trojan-horse” cancer therapy has completely eliminated prostate cancer in experiments on mice, according to UK researchers.The team hid cancer killing viruses inside the immune system in order to sneak them into a tumour.Once inside, a study in the journal Cancer Research showed, tens of thousands of viruses were released to kill the cancerous cells.Experts labelled the study “exciting,” but human tests are still needed.Using viruses to destroy rapidly growing tumours is an emerging field in cancer therapy, however one of the challenges is getting the viruses deep inside the tumour where they can do the damage. “The problem is penetration,” Prof Claire Lewis from the University of Sheffield told the BBC. Continue reading the main story “Start QuoteHarnessing the bodys own immune system to deliver a deadly virus to tumours is an exciting approach.”End Quote Dr Emma Smith Cancer Research UK She leads a team which uses white blood cells as Trojan horses to deliver the viral punch.Surfing After chemotherapy or radiotherapy is used to treat cancer, there is damage to the tissue. This causes a surge in white blood cells, which swamp the area to help repair the damage. “Were surfing that wave to get as many white blood cells to deliver tumour-busting viruses into the heart

via BBC News – Trojan-horse therapy completely eliminates cancer in mice.