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Barclay twins’ Ritz hotel pays no corporation tax

Yet another big concern in UK not paying their morally correct amount of taxes. Time the government went to town. These guys are even trying to claim £1 Billion back from the UK tax payer. UK Plc cannot carry on like this.

London’s high-end Ritz hotel has not paid any corporation tax in the 17 years since it was taken over by the reclusive Barclay twins.

The BBC’s Panorama programme analysed the accounts of the hotel bought by the brothers in 1995.

The accounts show that the profitable hotel has used a series of tax reliefs to reduce its corporation tax to zero.

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They’re incredibly wealthy men who don’t pay British tax”End Quote

Nadine Dorries, MP

The brothers said they have not run their UK companies since they retired to Monaco more than 20 years ago.

via BBC News – Barclay twins’ Ritz hotel pays no corporation tax.

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