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Apple iPad3 – support is pants !

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After years of avoiding Apple products, for no particular reason really, in July we purchased an #iPad3, primarily for my wife to use but it was technically purchased 50/50. I can definitely say that the use has not been 50/50.

I really like the build quality of this device and the screen quality is superb. Finding our way around apple OS has not been easy with many missing obvious features like “back” from various screens but no doubt that is just something we need to get to grips with. I thought 3 months down the line we might have found those things out by now though.

On the rare occasions I use the iPad I began to notice that the machine drops off the network and doesn’t tell you. In fact the connection pizza slice stays there indicating a full connection is alive when in fact it very definitely is not. Now once in a while would be tolerable but the frequency and timing of these drops became a major issue for us. In my view this was also a major security problem since on many occasions the link would drop right in the middle of sending credit card data or entering verification passwords for Visa etc.

We logged a fault with Apple and arranged a telephone support call. My wife took the first call and was basically fobbed off by the operator, being told it was our router, our walls, our location while totally ignoring the fact that other devices were remaining on line while the iPad dropped off. Having reset network settings and forgotten the network the call completed and apple support suggested everything would be great.

Of course it was not! Second call to apple and we got a more competent operator who listened very carefully and apologised for the previous call being basically “fobbed off” – apple operators own words – Eventually apple operator wants us to take the ipad back to factory default and set it all up from scratch then restore from iCloud / iTunes backup. We will send you detailed instructions they say. Still not received them, but will perform said operation and call them back again.

The problem is basically the same as the iPhone4 issue because you can block the signal by putting your hand over the command button of the iPad and you see the signal drop off.

The ideal solution will be that apple will replace this device sooner rather than later, because dropping of the WiFi renders the device virtually useless. We will book into a shop soon and see what they say.

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