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Update 14th January 2014.

The planning application was rejected and also an appeal was rejected. The current status of the proposal is currently being ascertained and will be update here soon.

To see the Planning Status click here:

Planning Update

Update 15 April 2013 Local News on new proposals.

UPDATE: 22nd July 2012

Element Power held an exhibition at Lunanhead hall over the weekend. The information was interesting and there was an opportunity to see how the turbines will look should they go ahead. There are clearly many views for and against these and if you wish to support or object the planning info for Finavon Hill (3 turbines) is application ref 12/00002/EIAS and for St Mary’s Well Wind Farm it is 12/00151/EIASCO – You can search Angus Council here Planning Search

Just returned from a Community Council meeting about a proposed Wind Farm for the Lunanhead area. This proposal is on behalf of Carsegrey estate.

The proposers are Element Power There is absolutely nothing about this proposal on their website at this time. Neil Lindsay representing the power company did an excellent job of fending very very sad and negative questioning from the audience. There was no positive questioning at all. The tone was very clearly NOT IN MY BACK YARD !! How closed and short sighted is that for our future generations ?

The tone of questioning from a core of about 4 people out of 20 + was focussed on subsidy, spoiling of the landscape and benefit to the land owner. The subsidy question conveniently ignored the years of subsidy to local farmers and fishermen in years gone by. Did the questioners really think that nuclear power stations are built as investments by private companies ? Subsidies have happened for many a year and will continue for many to come.

There are further open meetings at St Margarets Hall Lunanhead on 21st July 2012 during the morning where the proposed wind farm will be exhibited with lots more information for the community available. Do visit if you can.

There is also a proposal from

This website is certainly much more informative than the proposed site from Element Power.

3 Replies to “Lunanhead Wind Farm”

  1. The climate change bill was passed by MPs who were on the take with their expenses; lobbyists get paid huge amounts by people who want to influence policy by privately propositioning MPs behind closed doors; climate change and global warming panic came about after the north sea platform fabrication business was winding down and the demand for steel plate was tailing off. Now, draw your own conclusions about global warming and wind farms.


  2. I too was at the Lunanhead Community Council meeting. Mr Lindsay is a professional salesman with a lot at stake for the developers who stand to earn up to £100million over 25yrs. In return Angus will have an eyesore on top of a hill totally out of keeping with with the landscape (nothing in nature grows to 125m and rotates), producing piddling amounts of intermittent and variable EXPENSIVE electricity which needs a permanent fossil/ nuclear back-up and baseload. There will be no CO2 savings. In fact according to Government figures the WHOLE of the UK wind industry will save just approx 9.2million tonnes a year(2010 figures) which is less than FOUR TEN THOUSANDS (0.0004) of global total CO2 emissions and the effect on atmospheric CO2 concentration for all intent and purposes is Zero.
    The only winners in all this are the Multinationals, the men in tight suits and land owners who trouser vast amounts of your money in the form of subsidies. In reality taking from the poor in fuel poverty and giving it to the rich. The other subsidies you mention (Farmers etc) at least have produced something beneficial to society like cheap food !!

    May I respectfully suggest that you do some research into the efficacy of wind turbines. What you will find may surprise and indeed shock you. When gentlemen like Mr Lindsay promote their developer’s financial interests based on spurious scientific and technical facts I say ‘Nullius in Verba’…..take no ones word for it. Find out for yourself!!

    You personally may not mind seeing your beautiful Angus country side festooned with these Eco-crucifixes but for me it’s rather akin to trying to dance a waltz to the rhythm of the ChaCha while listening to a tone deaf singer. I’m sure you will understand the analogy.


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