Wind power support in uk.

A recent poll suggests support for wind power is higher than might be thought.


  1. Dear Sir

    Nicely put. I would wager that you could frame any set of figures to get the results you want. The question is do I believe you or an accepted independent like Ipsos-mori.

    Also, if the governments independent advisors the Committee on Climate Change advocate that we should cut CO2 emissions to 50g per Kwh of energy produced (to meet our legally binding targets and tackle climate change) then what makes you think that UK shale gas is “clean”, it’s still a fossil fuel and will produce roughly 400g of CO2 per Kwh?

    One of the 66%. Role on the next election (I’m sure you will agree)




  2. on April 28, 2012 at 1:04 pm | ReplyFanger
    Earlier in April Ipsos-Mori asked a representative sample of just over 1,000 adults to what extent they favoured wind power.

    Sixty-six per cent were either “strongly in favour of” or “tended to favour” the technology, against just 8% who were opposed.

    Two-thirds also found turbines’ impact on the landscape acceptable.

    Interestingly only 50 and 81 of the respondents were from Scotand in the polls which can hardly be representative of a 5m population. Most of the other respondents were from southern England cities…. Hardly affected by wind farms except if you’re someone like David Cameron’s father in-law who earns £1000 a day from the cluster on his land and all the other Toffs similarly blessed by subsidies taken from the grateful and great unwashed according to GREENPEACE.

    I also recall a poll which supported Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq.

    Before knowing very much about the technicalities and efficacy of renewables such as wind wave and PV I would certainly have given my approval to ‘clean green and sustainable energy.

    I suspect in the same way that if you were asked if you supported ‘Peace,justice and security’ the answer would be almost certainly yes by 93% of respondents. If you were then asked if you supported the administration and organisation of this ideal to be undertaken by Jo Stalin Under the auspices I have a feeling that the response would be No!!

    You see it all depends on the question, and I wager that I could frame any question to get the result I want. Clairvoyants, mystics and fortune tellers are all very skilled in this art.

    In my own experience your average Jo Blogg is very ignorant (not stupid) about the complexities of power generation. You can’t blame him for that. We are mostly too busy with just surviving to involve ourselves in these strategies and are happy to leave it to the ‘Experts’.
    How many people for example know that 60% of offshore turbines are having serious technical problems because if they tilt by only +/- 3 degrees the bearings burn out…. The sea bed shifts!
    Or is it known that we are having to build at least 11 new gas fired power stations as back up for the intermittency of wind generation. And Germany is building 19 NEW Coal fired stations and 27 new Gas powered stations completely wiping out any carbon savings by our own ludicrously expensive wind generators. Or that America has virtually abandoned wind generation in favour of shale gas of which they have 500yrs supply and it looks like the UK has at least 150yrs reserves of the clean burning stuff. China has also abandoned wind and PV in favour of Nuclear and Shale gas.

    Little by little however people are affected by decisions taken for them,either beneficially or negatively, and most will be VERY unforgiving if they have been wilfully misinformed. Their anger will be unleashed in the only poll that matters……Elections.


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