Forfar in 2012 – Marafun & Starvation !!

Today in Forfar on a superb day the local Rotary Club are running their FORFAR MARAFUN event to raise money for local groups and charities. The streets are busy but certainly not jam packed with people or participants for that matter. The event is probably becoming more and more difficult to put on with the various licensing and health and safety enforcers causing nightmare after nightmare in their quest to interpret every little law to the nth degree and totally ignoring common sense along the way. Local publicans have a huge task in allowing clients to drink outside. The following article makes that one clear as day.

The importance of allowing all sorts of charities the opportunity to raise as much money as they can is absolutely paramout in these hard times. At our church today, we yet again had a call for FOOD aid for local people who are unable to feed themselves. The local Salvation Army had to spend £500 on food to boost their stock of charity foods because they were running short. East & Old Parish Church currently have an urgent appeal out for donations of food parcels to the church. Please take time to bring along a tin or two with you on a Sunday and pop it into the box on your way into church. This will be passed on to the local Salvation Army food bank for distribution to locals in need.

A sign of the times is what we’re told, people can’t feed themselves as they don’t have enough money. This is 2012 and it’s Great Britain and as local as Forfar in Angus ! Is this the achievement of many years of so called progress? Or is this a result of super enthusiastic text interpreters within local councils who have taken their eyes off the ball that is called human compassion. Are our local coucils really doing enough for penniless and homeless people in the county, as they interpret and implement their reams of rules and regulations from behind their comfortable surroundings while people in their own constituency can’t feed themselves ? This is a really disturbing local problem and every little helps, remember your tins next week and every week. Thanks.