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New Links – April 2015


Reviews of the baby Range Rover now extend to longer term owners. As ever, early reviews were highlighted in a negative manner by reviewers. A longer term review is written here:->


Early feedback from forums indicates that Range Rover continue to have quality and reliability issues with their new stunning off-roader.


General levels of complaint now seem to focus on the Fuel Efficiency which from the stated 50+ is now where near, more like 34. At the end of the day if you can afford an Evoque you can afford the fuel. It would just be refreshing if the numbers were stated with a bit more honesty by motor manufacturers.

UPDATE: 23/6/12

UPDATE: 17/5/12 – slightly disturbing !!

New Forum:

The forums of owners give some indications of problems including:

Updated: 25/02/12 – links below added ->

These are only a tiny fraction of complaints but could this be an early indication that problems are around the corner for Evoque users ? I have a few years to wait before considering one although I could contract hire one for a period – be nice 🙂

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