UK General Election 2010 – Already Corrupt ??

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The General Election is due to be called in a matter of weeks. The choice appears to be as it ever was pick Tory or Labour, but is the election already just a corrupt farce ? Will the voter completely reject the two old parties and go for alternatives ? Will the voter just stay away in total disgust at our “representatives”. The coming election could prove to be one of the most historical of recent times and will hopefully be a very clear wake up call to all those that aspire to become an MP.

The Cash for Questions Affair remind yourselves what that was all about –  Cash for Questions Link – Was this the start of our political classes dash for cash?

More recently we have the MP’s expenses scandal that some say will take 5 years to recover from, a conservative estimate if ever there was one. The Telegraph article gives a good understanding of this scandal.

More recent revelations are from ex cabinet ministers who are putting themselves forward for lobbying services at a charge of £3000 per day and upwards. What planet are these individuals living on ? what makes them think they can possibly be worth that sort of payment ?

Existing ministers jump up and down proclaiming their ANGER. They did the same thing about the expenses scandal but did absolutely nothing about it. This scandal will prove to be the same I am sure, loads of hot air and NO ACTION at all.

Further revelations surrounding foreign trips by MP’s  are now being published, adding to the already very tarnished reputation of parliament.

The 2010 voter has a very tough choice to make, the unfolding events will be total dynamite !