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No Alcohol Sales B4 10:00am

I’m off work now on holiday. I decide to do the last minute shopping bright and early Thursday 24th December. I go to the Co-Op Supermarket in Forfar, pick up my shopping and that includes some wine for the Xmas break.  “Can’t buy that just now”, says the assistant, no alcohol sales before 10:00. This is a new law that has taken 3 years to put in place – did anyone see the 3 years worth of consultations on this ?? The law came in during September 2009 and means you cannot buy alcohol before 10:00 anywhere in Scotland.

This is fine, BUT, I could not see any indications about this anywhere in the store – I am walking around unaware that this law is in place. No big notices, no isles tied off, nothing.

How daft is this country becoming where perfectly sensible adults cannot buy their festive supplies during the open shop hours because a MINORITY of the population cannot deal sensibly with alcohol. Once again the MINORITY rules !

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