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Dancing venue numbers dropping in Tayside

The number of dance venues for mixed Ballroom / Latin or Scottish Country are dropping in number.

The STAR BALLROOM in Dundee will officially close by the end of 2009. This will leave a big gap in demand for dancing and dance locations within Tayside. The dance floor at the ballroom is also one of the best in the area and is a perfect size for all events. It will be sad to see it pass.

THE WEST END SOCIAL CLUB FORFAR is also in doubt as a venue for dances into 2010 as a sad tale of problems dogs the venue and could result in the loss of  Tea dancing, dance practices and Friday night Ballroom dances at the venue. The continuation of regular Saturday mixed dances may also be in doubt. At some point soon, perhaps the current management or committees within the West End Social Club, will inform the paying membership what is happening into 2010.

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