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Forfar Dog Owners – think before you throw !

While walking and running around the streets of Forfar I am seeing a new trend appearing.

Dog owners are taking the time to scoop up their animal’s litter, putting it into a poly bag (how gross is that !) and then – wait for it – – – – – They are just chucking it in the roadside, tucking it into walls, between tree branches or just dropping it on the pavement.

I know this will be a minority of people, but think about it. If the dog litter was just left, it would have a chance of being washed away over time. Enclosed in a poly bag it has no chance.

Think before you throw dog owners of FORFAR.

County Wardens were given more powers to fine on the spot over this but it does not seem to have done much good.  See the article here – >

Example areas where you can see this for yourself.

Forfar Loch Path (that’s an overstatement – Forfar Loch Mud Walk)

Balmashanner Paths

Glamis Road out towards Council Offices

This is a very bad trend which puts the town in a poor light for visitors.

Fancy a Fine Malt ??


  1. Less chance of it being stepped in by kids though. Although I agree – it’s disgusting.

    P.S. Loved the “Fancy a Fine Malt?” ad at the bottom of the post. After reading that – no thanks, I don’t! 🙂
    Angus Replied ->
    Thanks for your 2nd comment on my blog, good to hear from you again.
    Sorry couldn’t tempt you with a fine scotch, BUT really they are very fine !!
    All the best in SA, had a look at your blog, VG.

    Ta for now


  2. There is another possibility. If I am walking an ‘out and back’ route, I will sometimes pick up the crap, bag it, and then dispose of it properly on the way back. If you know there is not a bin for another three miles in the direction you are heading, but know you have recently passed a bin and can get it on the way back that makes sense, no?


  3. Wow, thats actually really gross. If you’re gonna clear it up off the path, then why bother throwing it back down?? I’ll never understand some people.

    Our apartment building just issued a warning for residents with dogs, saying basically that if they’re reported once for not clearing their dog’s mess up, they’ll be fined $50. If they’re reported twice, they’ll be evicted. it’s kinda nice to see that they’re taking action, but it remains to be seen as to how successful they are.

    Here via Blogexplosion.

    Angus Replies –
    Thanks for your comment on my blog

    I don’t think I will ever understand “people” either ! Lets hope our local council start to take note !


  4. As someone who walks on sidewalks littered with poo, I think I’d rather they pick it up. If an ill dog’s poo is left and someone steps in it, they risk bringing germs into the home.

    Some disease like Parvo can remain dormant for months.

    Of course, they should still actually throw the bags of poo in an appropriate place.

    Angus Replied ->
    Thankyou For commenting on my blog.
    This is a serious problem really and simply lazy or thoughtless, I’m not sure which one. The point is that plastic will never deteriorate and looks just terrible on the streets, in walls, fences, tree branches, these are all examples of where I have seen it. Perhaps I should walk some of my routes and take photos for the blog !
    Thanks again.

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